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“ your partner for the future ”

Greetings from Paul Earl - founder and Managing Director of Global Valves and Engineering Pty Ltd.

“Global Valves and Engineering was established in 2002 to provide contractors and end-users with an experienced valve selection and supply company.....a company that clients could confidently work with as a partner for the future. The company has quickly established itself as a reputable supplier of a wide range of valves and related products and services. We continue strengthening our corporate presence day by day, throughout Australia.

We look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

>>>The “Global Alliance Team”<<<

Specialising in Valves, actuation products and instrument valves and fittings, our activities have been focused into the chosen market sectors of Power Generation, Water Treatment, and Industrial Installations.
Customer Service is a focal point and strength of the company, Customer Service coupled with our local stock holding and extensive domestic/overseas network of manufacturers and stockists, enables Global Valves and Engineering to meet critical delivery deadlines, maintain plant on-line requirements and ensure customer expectations are met or exceeded. Repeat business and client referrals continue to assist in the company's growth.
Optimised Valve Selection, has been achieved by working closely with clients, focusing attention upon the intended valve's service and function. This has enabled many contractors and plant owners to achieve significant cost savings, plant productivity improvements and longer valve life in general industrial applications and severe service applications.

Documentation and Vendor Data has become a major requirement in these times of Material Traceabilty and Q.A. All critical services products supplied by Global Valves and Engineering Pty Ltd can be provided with Material Test Certification to DIN 50.049 3.1B, or similar, thereby ensuring peace of mind and compliance with customer requirements. Special documentation requirements can be tailored to suit individual customer requirements.


Global Energy Management, a division of Global Valves and Engineering Pty Ltd, was conceived and established in 2003 based on the growing demand for improved energy efficiencies, productivity increases, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, shareholder expectations and the need to preserve or improve the World for future generations.

Harnessing the skills of industry leaders in the field of sustainable energy and steam utalisation, Global Energy Management has the experience, gained from over 200 sustainable energy project audits, to undertake: Energy auditing and energy modeling, plant modification recommendations and when required, CPC contracts, for improved energy efficiencies, improved steam and condensate utilisation and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

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Global OneZone is the route to market in Australia for OneZone a 35 men consulting engineering company providing detailed design engineering and computer aided drawing production to contractors and design consultants in the UK, US, Asia and Australia. Global Valves and Engineering and OneZone combined forces in 2003 to enhance the company's services already being provided in the valve and energy management markets.

Now, client's projects can be taken from conceptual stage through engineering design, drafting stages and into implementation, using in-house skills, thereby ensuring you the client achieve maximum project team integration and the resultant economies, efficiencies and control.

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Company Mission Statement:

Global Valves and Engineering Pty Ltd strives to provide the best possible product selection, sourcing and supply coupled with exemplary customer support services and associated energy & CAD facilities to small and medium national clients as well as large multinational clients, aiming to provide them with the highest possible quality products and services, at competitive prices, from established and reputable manufacturers and service providers.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry and to providing outstanding customer service.


“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask “why”...

I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

Robert Francis Kennedy (1925-68) , US Attorney General

....”your partner for the future”....

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  The “Global Alliance Team” consists of:

Global Valves & Engineering

Global Energy Management

Global OneZone

The team at Global Valves and Engineering, with divisional support, can provide valves and related equipment, along with CAD and engineering design facilities and Energy Management services into many diverse areas such as:


  • Thermal power plants.
  • Cogeneration plants.
  • Pulp and paper mills.
  • Waste to Energy Plants.
  • Steam generators.
  • Hydraulic plants components.
  • Gas fired power plants.
  • Balance of plant: fittings and valves.

    Industrial Plants:

    • Cement and ash handling plants.
    • Iron and steel plants.
    • Offshore platforms.
    • Meat processing and packaging plants.
    • Food and beverage plants.
    • Pulp and paper processing.

    Industrial Gases:

    • Industrial gases manufacturing plants.
    • Industrial gases storage and distribution.
    • Cryogenic storage and distribution.

    Large Commercial Energy Consumers:

    • Building management services.
    • HVAC contractors.
    • Commercial building plant operators.
    • Property developers and architects.
    • Shopping centers.
    • Water pumping authorities.
    • Hospitals and commercial kitchens.
    • Local and shire councils.
    • Hotels and convention venues.


    • Solid waste and waste water treatment.
    • Gas treatment.
    • Potable water treatment.
    • Sewerage treatment plants.
    • Industrial equipment.
    • Pressure vessels: heat exchangers, towers and columns reactors.
    • Mechanical constructions.


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